Service of Process

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How do I "Serve" my Spouse the Divorce Paperwork?

Service of Process

In a divorce case, everywhere across America, both parties are required by law to have all the divorce paperwork. The divorce forms and divorce papers, once filed at the court by the Plaintiff, are then "Served" on the Defendant. This simply means that the paperwork is given to the Defendant in a way that allows the court to know that all parties received the papers. There are a few simple was to do "Service". 1. Some States allow Registered Mail to be used. The postman brings the divorce forms in a package to the Defendant's home. The Defendant then signs for the package. 2. By County Seriff. The County Seriff brings the paperwork to the Defendant's Home or Work. (Home is preferable.) 3. By Process Server. These are much more expensive and this is not normally used unless you want to spend a lot of money for a person to go find your spouse if they are allusive. 4. By Publication. If you spouse cannot be located, you would run an add in a local newspaper. With a service like the Divorce Do It Yourself Service, they give you instructions about how to do your own Service of Process that is easiest in your area.



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