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What are business consultants?

Types of Business Consultants

If you are running a business, there are many instances when you may need to hire a consultant to complete certain services in a specific time frame.

Here are some examples of types of consultants that you may need for your business.

  • Accounting or financial consultant
  • Communications consultant
  • e-commerce consultant
  • Human resources consultant
  • Marketing consultant
  • Organizational consultant
  • Sales consultant
  • Strategic planning consultant
  • Technology (IT) consultant
If you do find yourself in need of a consultant, be sure to have a consulting agreement in place before retaining their services. This written agreement will outline exactly what you expect from the consultant and how they will be paid for their services.

You can find a form for creating a Consulting Agreement at

Why are purchase agreement forms important?

The Purpose of Purchase Agreement Forms

Purchase agreement forms are used to document the intent to purchase a product or service. When a business person places an order for office supplies, he or she is entering into a verbal purchase agreement with the office supply vendor. If the person writes or types the order into a purchase order form, he or she is entering into a written purchase agreement.

Purchase agreement forms are usually labeled with a unique purchase order number. They contain specifics about the items being ordered, such as quantity, item number, model number, shipping address, payment terms, and more.

Some vendors require written purchase agreements prior to shipping merchandise that has not been prepaid. Others require them only if their customers specify that orders placed without approved purchase agreement forms are not considered to be valid orders from their organizations.

Purchase agreement forms are excellent tools for keeping track of merchandise and services ordered, verifying order accuracy, avoiding duplicate orders, keeping up with delivery and verifying legitimacy of invoices received. Purchase agreements are beneficial (large and small) business forms. No matter what size your organization is, keeping a handle on the purchasing process is an important part of running an efficient business.

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