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Are there several different types of deeds?

3 Common Types of Property Deeds

The legal form that transfers ownership of a piece of property from one person to another is called a deed. A deed includes the names of the person who is selling the real estate and the name of the person who is purchasing it. When the seller signs the deed, he or she transfers ownership. Deeds must be notarized to become binding legal forms.

Types of Deeds

1. Grant Deed - A grant deed transfers full ownership of real estate from one party to another. Signing a grant deed implies that you actually have the right to transfer ownership of the property to the other person.

2. Warranty Deed - A warranty deed includes an explicit promise to the buyer that the seller has free title to the policy.

3. Quitclaim Deed - This type of deed transfers one person's ownership interest in a property to another person. This type of deed is often used during divorce proceedings, when one party signs his or her interests in jointly owned real estate to the other. The percentage of ownership is not specified; rather the person just signs over “all” of his or her ownership rights, whatever they may be.

What has to be done to evict a problem tenant?

Follow Proper Procedure When Evicting Tenants

When landlords have tenants who violate the terms of the lease, it is within their rights to evict the tenant from the property. However, the decision to evict a tenant is not one that can be made lightly. It must be consistent with the terms of the lease agreement and must be compliant with real estate laws.

Landlords must be certain they are observing all applicable real estate laws any time a tenant is evicted. They are required to notify tenants in writing of their intention to evict. With the proper use of legal forms eviction proceedings can go more smoothly and reduce the risk of facing legal actions brought by the evicted former tenants.

Examples of Legal Forms Often Used in Evictions:

  • Notice of Lease Non-renewal (lets tenants know they have to leave at the end of the current lease period)
  • Notice of Lease Termination (tells tenant to leave)
  • Notice to Pay Rent or Quit (lets tenants know that eviction proceedings will begin if rent is not brought current)

Visit for an eviction notice worksheet that can help you determine the proper steps in evicting a tenant.

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