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Where can I go to get a free divorce?

Free Divorce

Legal services is one source that parties may turn to for assistance in filing for divorce. In addition to online divorce forms and records, legal services in your local area may be able to assist you in obtaining and filing divorce for free. Most of the time these services are based upon the income of the parties or at least the income of the party filing for divorce. Check with the online sources or legal services in your area in order to determine whether or not you qualify for free divorce services.

If my spouse has abandoned the house and the marriage, can I file for divorce myself?

Obtaining a Cheap and Quick Divorce

Sometimes parties find themselves in a situation where they feel the need to file for divorce simply because of abandonment or one party leaving the marital home. Even though there are time frames and guidelines that must be followed with regard to filing for divorce, often if there are no issues to resolve in the marriage, a cheap and quick divorce can be obtained by using online forms and representing yourself in court. Even if you feel that you would be better protected if you seek legal counsel, you can minimize the cost by using pre-written divorce forms such as in a divorce kit.

Is there such thing as a cheap divorce?

Minimizing Costs of Divorce

It could be said that there are no cheap divorces when you consider all the emotional costs along with the financial costs. Divorce is a tough thing for families to go through and should not be considered lightly as the only option. However, if your family is faced with the reality of separating households, compromise and working towards agreements is your best way to minimize effects of divorce. When the parties agree, there are alternatives to having a legal professional draw up and file the paperwork. There are online sources for divorce kits and divorce forms and oftentimes this can be a fraction of the cost in relation to hiring an attorney. If you need to get a cheap fast divorce, you must work together. Conflict always leads to the necessity of a mediator of some sort and this will cost you more money and more time.

Can I save money by representing myself in court?

Minimizing Costs of Divorce

In addition to the parties agreeing on issues of disolution of the marriage in a divorce situation, another way to minimize the cost of divorce is to represent yourself in court. The party filing for divorce will have to pay what is called a docket fee, which includes court costs, however, if the parties can agree to resolve all matters of the marriage, this can be a way to obtain a cheap divorce and resolve the issues in the matter. Sometimes, if the nature of the disolution is complicated or involves children, it might behoove both parties to consider having a legal professional look over any documents you obtain online to make sure both parties are protected. However, this fee is usually minimal, especially if the attorney does not have to file an entry of appearance on behalf of one party or the other.

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