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What is the purpose of a temporary custody arrangement for divorcing couples?

Temporary Custody Arrangements During Divorce Proceedings

In situations involving separating or divorcing couples who have not agreed upon a parenting agreement, the courts will temporary custody to one of the parents until the matter has been finalized. Divorce proceedings that involve a battle for child custody can take an extended period of time, and some arrangements have to be made to ensure that children the children are properly cared for while a final settlement is being negotiated.

Throughout divorce proceedings, the courts effort to protect the best interest of the children at all times. Children typically experience fear and confusion during divorce proceedings, so settling the issue of temporary custody is viewed as a priority during divorce proceedings. Having temporary child custody forms in place allows children to enjoy some degree of stability during a very tumultuous time in their lives.

In the case of a custody fight, both parents generally file temporary child custody forms with the court to document their desires regarding custody rights. The valuable legal advice online can help you make important decisions regarding temporary custody arrangements and the best way to proceed when it comes to completing and filing child custody forms.

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