I am getting Served divorce papers

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I got served divorce papers, what do I do?

I am getting Served divorce papers

When you are the one who is getting "Served" the divorce papers, you have a few choices. 1. You can go to a lawyer and have them prepare an "Answer" for you. This is usually the most costly and is only used in a divorce where the husband and wife disagree on the terms of the divorce. 2. You can do nothing and the divorce will go through on a Default basis. This is where you sit on your hands and do absolutely nothing and the divorce happens just the way it looks like on the Divorce Paperwork that you have in front of you. 3. You can choose to have a service like the Divorce Do It Yourself Service do your divorce for you and then you would be in agreement to the divorce and you could sign the papers and agree to the terms of the divorce. Or you can contact your Spouse and have the divorce forms altered to meet what BOTH of you want in the divorce.



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