Divorce Paralegal can complete your divorce forms

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How do I find a Divorce Paralegal?

Divorce Paralegal can complete your divorce forms

Divorce Paralegals have a big job to do. In a divorce lawyer's or divorce attorney's office they do most of the divorce form preparation. You normally talk to your attorney for a few minutes, then they hand you off to the paralegal. The lawyer or attorney doesn't do much from that time on, until the end of the divorce case. The Divorce Paralegal has you fill out a Divorce Forms Intake Questionnaire and then he/she types that information into the computer and your divorce forms then get printed out. The Lawyer or Attorney did very little in the process. Then, in the very end, of an Uncontested Divorce case, the divorce lawyer or attorney would read off a pre-prepared statement for the court. Now that you know these things, you can seek out your own independant paralegal to do your divorce forms. Or you can find an Online Divorce Service that has independant paralegals to complete your divorce forms for you. Either way, you would save a ton of money over simply going to your yellow pages and finding a divorce lawyer or attorney.



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