Domestic Infant Adoption

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What is the downside to domestic infant adoption?

Domestic Infant Adoption

Couples or individuals having trouble conceiving a child or who feel that a child would add something extraordinary to their already loving family will often consider infant adoption. Those who only wish to adopt an infant into their family can find domestic adoption in the United States frustrating. Because infants are in higher demand, it can take years to complete the adoption process. There are also many regulations and requirements regarding domestic infant adoption including legal forms and legal procedures. If you are truly only considering an infant adoption, perhaps you should consider an international adoption. Generally this type of adoption is faster because there usually is not a set of birthparents to contest the adoption. While there are regulations governing international adoption, including the consent and blessing of the US immigration department, international adoption can oftentimes bring a child or children to an American family much faster than in the case of domestic infant adoption. There are health issues to consider when going down the path of international adoption as well as cultural issues so you will want to make sure that you have considered all of your options before making a final decision.



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