Becoming a Foster Parent

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Foster care versus permanent adoption?

Becoming a Foster Parent

Once you have decided to bring a child into your family and you are ready to begin the adoption process you may want to consider becoming a foster parent. Foster parents, for the most part, provide a temporary home to a child in need of care but can these relationships can often develop into an adoptive situation, should circumstances permit. Obviously there is more legal responsibility in becoming an adoptive parent versus a foster parent, but the love and care you can offer a child should be considered the same. Should a foster parent give consideration to permanent adoption, they should carefully consider all the same factors as adoptive parents, such as getting everything in writing and not relying on verbal agreements, consulting a reputable attorney specializing in adoption and being aware that all parties in the situation have rights under the law. Severing parental rights of he biological parents will have to occur before a permanent adoption can take place. Consulting with an adoption agency or doing some research on your own will help you make this decision about whether or not foster care is right for you.



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