Considering Step Parent Adoption

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Are there forms for step parents wanting to adopt a spouse's children?

Considering Step Parent Adoption

A natural thought in many step parent's minds is adopting their spouse's children in order that the child can share the name of the step parent (and their own parent in some cases) as well as perhaps more accurately reflect the nature of care given to the step child or step children. Legal adoption forms for step parent adoption are available in several sources, including local adoption agencies, local court clerk's offices or even online. Laws will vary from state to state with regard to notice given or opportunity for notice to birthparents. Oftentimes, even if the step parent adoption is contested by the birthparent, the court may decide that it is in the child or children's best interest to be adopted by the step parent. Obviously circumstances will dictate whether or not contact with the birthparent is still something to be considered and each case is different, but step parent adoption is a great way to make a family even more solid and unified.



7/14/2007 1:51:15 PM
Paul said:

where are the forms?


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