Adoption Agency

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What are the different types of adoption agencies and do I need to use an adoption agency?

Adoption Agency

One question many prospective adopting parents have is about the difference between the types of adoption. There are several types of adoption that can be achieved by using the services of an adoption agency. Adoption agencies can be local public agencies or licensed private agencies. Public agencies are probably more commonly known as welfare or social services. Children from varying ages will be available from infant through teens. Private agencies and adoption attorneys are also available, although typically at a premium price. It is possible to conduct a do-it-yourself adoption process as well with the aid of the state or a governing agency. One factor that will help you determine which route you would like to go is your tolerance for risk. Using an adoption agency provides the most stability and assurance that the process will go smoothly and there will be no issues down the line. Independent adoption, using a facilitator will provide the least amount of assurance in preventing glitches or issues that may arise during the process or in the aftermath.



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