Closed adoption

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What is a closed adoption?

Closed adoption

There is a long-standing debate over whether the adoption process should reveal all details in the case versus leaving anonymity and discretion as the hightest priority. A closed adoption by definition would be one in which the records and information about the child and birth parents are sealed and is therefore unavailable to not only the public, but to the child as well. While this is the more traditional type of adoption, it is decreasing in popularity, because many adoptees end up seeking information about their birthparents. In some cases, however, the birth parents do not wish to disclose their contact information to the child they have given up. Also, many adopted children accept that their adoptive parents have given them a lifelong commitment and do not need to seek out their biological parent. When going through the adoption process, this is an important aspect that should be considered and discussed by both the biological parents and the adoptive parents.



3/29/2007 10:29:50 PM
Byina said:

I feel that closed adotions are not fair to the child that is placed for adoption. I was adopted at birth and the adoption is a closed adoption. I would love to know who gave life to me. My adoptive parents are awesome but I still would like to know who my biological parents are. It feels a bit wierd being here on earth and not knowing the person who gave birth to you.


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