Missing Biological Father Adoption

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Do missing biological fathers have any parental rights when it comes to adoption?

Missing Biological Father Adoption

Unfortunately, there are many times that a new mother will find herself in a situation of being the only parent available when her baby is born. When the situation occurs, is is called a missing biological father adoption. Giving up the baby may be a natural thought for the mother at some point in the child's future. It is important to remember that when the biological father is not present at the child's birth, states have a wide discretion when it comes to terminating that father's parental rights. Obviously circumstances will vary and all issues are taken into account when this happens. Approximately 21 states have registries available for fathers to be notified of a birth which allow them to claim paternity within a reasonable time frame. When facing this situation, you should check with local authorties as to the rights, if any, of a missing biological father when considering adoption or severing parental rights. This is a situation where it is beneficial to be well educated in the laws and adoption nuances of your own state. If you have decided to handle the legal forms and adoption process on your own, make sure you have learned about all of the potential issues of a missing biological father adoption.



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