Filing Bankruptcy Forms

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What happens once the bankruptcy petition is filed?

Filing Bankruptcy Forms

Once a petition is filed in a bankruptcy proceeding, there is an automatic stay against creditors continuing the pursuit of collection against a debtor. Oftentimes it is helpful to research online bankruptcy forms to know exactly what to expect. The petition will put creditors on notice that no further collection efforts can be made. The notice may take between a week and a month to get into the creditor's hands, however, if a creditor contacts you before they actually receive notice, you can inform them of the pending bankruptcy action and provide them with the docket number given to you at the time of filing. Between four and six weeks after the filing, a meeting of the creditors will take place along with the trustee that's been appointed by the bankruptcy judge to assess the situation. Unless there are obvious red flag issues, this meeting is usually a formality of what you and your bankruptcy lawyer have already proposed.



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