Filing Bankruptcy Yourself

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Can I file for bankruptcy online?

Filing Bankruptcy Yourself

While technology has not evolved to the point quite yet of allowing individuals to file bankruptcy online yet, there are many resources available to aid one in research and determination of the various aspects on the direction you take with regard to filing bankruptcy. The first determination you can make is to decide which jurisdiction you should file in. Oftentimes, there are individual websites for each jurisdiction that can keep seekers informed of the latest news and developments with regard to bankruptcy law. There are also government websites that can enlighten filers with regard to bankruptcy process information. Technology does allow for some of the bankruptcy notices to be filed electronically or sent electronically via email to creditors. Many news sources will keep up to date on developements and changes in bankruptcy law. Information is power. Online bankruptcy resources can provide that knowledge at your fingertips.



9/18/2006 9:54:03 AM
James Reichner said:

I want to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. Is there a way to get free forms.


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