Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

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What should I take to the first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer?

Meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer

To prepare for your meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, there are several things that you will want to gather beforehand and take with you to make your time more productive. According to bankruptcy law, filers will have to first file a petition to declare their intent to file. Some documents that will make your first meeting with the bankrutpcy lawyer more productive include:a month's worth of paystubs for you (and your spouse); a copy of the deed to your home showing exactly how the title appears on record; a list of all stocks and accounts held in your name(s); information on your gross income over the past two years; the most recent statement or bill from each of your creditors, listing the balance owed; tax notices for each year that is unpaid; information on any vehicle loans, including pay off statements; balance information on each loan secured by your home; information regarding any pending lawsuits or judgments filed against you; a total of any unpaid property taxes; if you own/operate a business, the business's most recent tax return and profit & loss statement. This information will give the bankruptcy lawyer a picture of how to proceed with your case.



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