Wife Files for Divorce

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My wife filed for divorce and my friends say that she will get everything. Is this true?

Wife Files for Divorce

There used to be a stereotypical response to any woman filing for divorce against her husband, which was "she'll take him to the cleaners." Whether true at one point or not, in today's society, most courts of law recognize that both parties contributed to the marriage in some manner and both deserve a fair and equitable division of marital property. If the wife files for divorce, there is no greater chance that she will be the one that ends up with the most property out of the marriage, than the husband. Judges look at the overall situation of the parties, the income of both, the debt load of both and attempt to fairly and equitably divide the property. Often is the case that when a judge has to be involved in resolving the matter, neither party ends up completely satisfied. This is why, if both parties can resolve isses on their own, they may be more likely to gain the property or division they're seeking, rather than having someone neutral and un-involved decide the matter.



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