Filing for divorce yourself

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How do you go about filing divorce pleadings yourself?

Filing for divorce yourself

When considering filing for divorce, if you both agree to all issues with regard to splitting assets and child custody (if children are involved) an easy and cost-effective way to accomplish your divorce would be to use a do it yourself divorce kit. This will likely save legal expenses and aid in receiving a quick divorce. Sometimes the help of an attorney is needed and desired, but a do it yourself divorce kit may save valuable resources in a situation where money is tight. Also, you may be able to take any outstanding issues to a mediator. The idea is to avoid hiring two expensive attorneys who may make the situation acrimonious.



3/28/2008 3:47:24 AM
Uncontested Divorce said:

You can download do-it-yourself uncontested divorce forms with instructions at Legal Forms Bank dot Biz which will save you a ton of money on expensive lawyer fees you otherwise would of had to pay.


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