Importance of Written Rental Agreements

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Why is a written rental agreement important?

Importance of Written Rental Agreements

Landlords looking to rent out apartments should be sure to use a sufficient Apartment Rental Agreement. An Apartment Rental Agreement is the binding contract between the landlord and the tenant of the apartment. This binding contract holds a great amount of weight in a court of law if there is ever a dispute between the landlord and the tenant.

Subjects covered by an Apartment Rental Agreement include the monetary amount of the rent and when the rent is due, as well as all rules and regulations that the tenant must follow. For example, a landlord can specify in an apartment rental agreement the maximum number of occupants an apartment is allowed to house.

Renting an apartment with just a verbal agreement is asking for trouble. It is impossible for a verbal agreement to be as in-depth as a written Apartment Rental Agreement. If you are renting multiple apartments, it becomes even more important to utilize an apartment rental agreement to protect both your property and your financial wellbeing.

While all Apartment Rental Agreements won't be the same with all tenants, a good Apartment Rental Agreement covers all the basics in addition to any circumstances that may arise.

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