Writing a Last Will and Testament

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How do I go about writing a will and testament?

Writing a Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament is an essential document for every adult. This document specifies how your property and other assets should be distributed upon your death.

Whether you have adult or young children, are remarried, have few assets or a huge estate, a Will is necessary. Many people avoid writing a Will because of high attorney fees or concern that the process of creating a Will will be long and complicated.

There is no need to hire a lawyer to draw up your Last Will and Testament. You can easily create a Will online at RocketLawyer.com. With a simple online interview, you will be able to name an executor of your will, name guardians for your children, and stipulate exact instructions on how your assets will be distributed. There is help for every question and the process can take only minutes to create a fully customized legal Will.

The documents at Rocket Lawyer are created by professional attorneys to meet the requirements of every state. When your document is complete and signed, you can use their online storage to keep your Will safe and secure.

Remember that as your life changes, so should your Will. When you have experienced a life event such as a marriage, divorce, or birth of a child, you should alter or modify your will. Using a service like Rocket Lawyer makes it easy to change your document over the course of your lifetime.



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