Apartment Rental Forms

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What information should I ask for on an apartment rental form?

Apartment Rental Forms

When you are renting out an apartment, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect tenant. Ideally, you want a tenant who will pay their rent on time and won't cause any harm to your property. You can help find a quality tenant by having each prospective tenant fill out a Rental Application.

On a Rental Application, a landlord gets information such as a social security number and place of employment. Additionally, a landlord also receives information on where the prospective tenant previously lived and how long the prospective tenant has been employed.

This is useful for screening potential tenants. The rental form could point out red flags such as a poor rental history with a prior landlord. That information can save you many headaches down the line.

By reviewing a number of Rental Applications, you can raise your chances of finding a quality tenant for your property. You can find many useful legal forms for landlords, including a fully customizable Rental Application and Apartment Rental Agreement, at RocketLawyer.com.



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