Open Adoption Information

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What is open adoption?

Open Adoption Information

If you have an adopted child, at some point they may want more information about their biological parents. The ability of the child to get to this information will depend upon whether the adoption was an open adoption or a closed adoption. For the child, adoption information can be somewhat limited unless the adoption was open. There has been, over recent decades, a movement of adoptees seeking the identity of their birthparents to attempt to open files that were previously classified as closed adoption files. There is a debate with regard to whether or not adoptees should be able to gain access to closed information. Nowadays closed adoptions are less popular than in years past. An open adoption will mean that adopting parents will have full disclosure with regard to birthparent information. Open adoption will also mean that once the child reaches the age of maturity, they will be able to access information with regard to birthparents. Depending upon the nature of the relationship, some adoption cases may even provide for continuous contact with birthparents if all parties agree it's in the best interest of the child or children. This is a legal issue and one that is determined as you are going through the adoption process.



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