Mediation Through Divorce

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What is a divorce mediator?

Mediation Through Divorce

One way to minimize not only the financial cost of filing for divorce, but also at times, the emotional cost of divorce, is to use an attorney or third party for divorce mediation. A divorce mediator can sit down with the parties after receiving a list of the issues, and attempt, without interjecting any type of legal ruling, to resolve whatever issues the parties cannot solve on their own. Oftentimes, the cost of mediating a divorce situation can be less than time spent in court when you consider the cost of paying two attorneys versus one mediator. Before mediation begins, the divorce mediator will have the parties agree to work together as best they can to resolve issues and work together for the common good of both parties. Both parties will also most likely have to sign a statement agreeing to abide by whatever mediation agreement is reached and that it will become a part of the divorce file, like any of the other pleadings.



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