What Happens when Someone Files for Divorce

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What forms are filed when a divorce is filed?

What Happens when Someone Files for Divorce

The legal manuevering of filing a lawsuit can sometimes be confusing. When filing for divorce, the first pleading that is filed is a document called a petition. This is from the party seeking the divorce, essentially saying that for the stated reasons, this person feels that the marriage relationship is irretreivably broken. Once a petition for divorce is filed, then the other party files a response or answer. Usually the answer contains either an agreement with the petition or states in detail why the respondent or other party disagrees with the contentions filed in the petition. If the parties can and do agree on all the issues, then the resolution to the case usually comes quickly and an absolute divorce can be granted by a judge along with a property settlement agreement and a parenting plan if children are invovled.



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