Legal Forms Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to save money in a divorce proceeding?

How do you go about filing divorce pleadings yourself?

What is the difference between military divorce and civilian divorce?

What is no fault divorce?

What is uncontested divorce?

How can divorce forms be beneficial?

What types of records are contained in divorce kits?

Is it wise to purchase a divorce kit?

Do uncontested divorce forms cover all the legal documents necessary?

Can my wife and I both share the same forms in our divorce?

Can divorce papers online help save time and money?

What do online divorce kits include?

Are there really free online divorce forms?

How reliable is information on the Internet with regard to divorce?

Can I get actual divorce forms online?

Can I file for divorce using online forms?

What forms are filed when a divorce is filed?

What happens if I don't want a divorce?

My wife filed for divorce and my friends say that she will get everything. Is this true?

Are there tax considerations to filing for divorce?

Is there such thing as a cheap divorce?

Where can I get free divorce records?

Where can I go to get a free divorce?

Can I save money by representing myself in court?

If my spouse has abandoned the house and the marriage, can I file for divorce myself?

Using a divorce attorney

Can a divorce lawyer represent both myself and my spouse if we have an agreed settlement?

What is a divorce mediator?

What is a divorce paralegal?

When should I be using a divorce attorney?

What is child support?

How is child support calculated?

How are child custody and child support determined?

Determination of child support

How does child support and custddy affect visitation?

What is alimony?

Are there alimony guidelines that are followed?

I may have to pay alimony, what should I consider when agreeing to an amount?

Are there different types of alimony?

Can I pay more alimony than I am required to?

How expensive and difficult is it to file bankruptcy?

What are the different types of bankruptcy?

What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy

What is Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

What is the first step in filing a bankruptcy action?

Can a debt consolidation plan help me with a fresh start?

What is a debt settlement?

Hazzards of credit card debt.

What is debt structure?

What is a debt consolidation loan?

What does chapter 7 bankruptcy cover?

Contemplating chapter 7 bankruptcy

Does it cost more to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy than other forms?

Where can I find Chapter 7 bankrupcy forms?

What are the consequences of Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Where can I find chapter 13 bankruptcy forms?

Who qualifys for a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

When do I consider filing chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Do I have to hire a bankruptcy lawyer to file bankruptcy?

What do bankruptcy lawyers' fees include?

What questions should I ask when interviwing a potential bankruptcy lawyer?

What should I take to the first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer?

Are there additional considerations for filing bankruptcy?

Can the Internet provide solid information regarding bankruptcy?

Can I file for bankruptcy online?

What resources are available to help me decide which type of bankruptcy to file?

What happens once the bankruptcy petition is filed?

Can anyone see the details of my bankruptcy case online?

What is the definition of adoption?

Can I do a private adoption and not use an adoption agency?

Do missing biological fathers have any parental rights when it comes to adoption?

What is the availability of infants to adopt?

What are some considerations with regarding to adoptin a child?

What is a closed adoption?

What is step parent adoption?

What is transracial adoption?

We are considering transracial adoption, what are the agruments for and against?

What type of adoption agency should I consider when thinking about transracial adoption?

Is it possible for a white family to adopt an African American child?

Can a white family adopt a Native American child or infant?

What are the different types of adoption agencies and do I need to use an adoption agency?

Are there forms for step parents wanting to adopt a spouse's children?

Foster care versus permanent adoption?

What factors should I consider when thinking about adoption?

What are some resources for adoption information?

What is open adoption?

What is the downside to domestic infant adoption?

Is there a way to protect myself through the adoption process?

Where do I find divorce forms online?

How do I find a Divorce Paralegal?

How do I file my Divorce Forms?

Where can I find free divorce forms online?

How do I find the right divorce attorney to complete my divorce forms?

I got served divorce papers, what do I do?

How do I "Serve" my Spouse the Divorce Paperwork?

Do the courts have to get involved in all child custody decisions?

What is the purpose of a temporary custody arrangement for divorcing couples?

What information needs to be included in a complaint letter?

What types of claims are handled in small claims courts?

Why should I bother to write a complaint letter to a company that didn’t do what it was supposed to do?

What type of forms will I have to complete when seeking a divorce?

Why is it important to complete a bill of sale?

What is the difference between a secured promissory note and an unsecured promissory note?

Do I need a promissory note if I am loaning money to a relative?

Why are purchase agreement forms important?

What are business registration forms for?

What information is required to apply for a business license?

What are the benefits of using online divorce forms?

What has to be done to evict a problem tenant?

Are there several different types of deeds?

Who needs a prenuptial agreement?

Why would partners who donít have money want to sign a prenuptial agreement?

What are the most important estate planning documents?

What are the most basic components of estate planning?

What is the difference between a revocable living trust and an irrevocable living trust?

How can I learn how to write a Living Will?

What needs to be included on a bill of sale?

Do I need a bill of sale when buying or selling a car?

What do I need to do to form a corporation?

What forms do I need when hiring a consultant?

What are business consultants?

Can I file for divorce without an attorney?

What is an electronic signature?

What is at-will employment?

How do I go about making an estate plan?

Can I just fill out a free legal form online?

Do I need a will?

How do I draw up a commercial lease?

Do I need an attorney to create legal documents?

Why is it important to use business legal forms?

Where can I get free legal help?

Should I write a will?

What is a Licensing Agreement?

What's the difference between an LLC and other business structures?

How do I create a living trust?

How do you make a living will?

What is a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreements?

What is online file storage?

What types of legal resources are available online?

What is power of attorney?

How do you create a prenuptial agreement?

What is a promissory note?

Why is a written rental agreement important?

What information should I ask for on an apartment rental form?

How do I file a small claims case?

How do I go about writing a will and testament?

Recent Legal Forms Questions

Q. Yes how can I obtain a default divorce In the state of Florida, My wife deserted me back in 2000, havnt had any contact or know her where she is
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Q. I have been seperated from my husband for almost 5 years. I have three children with him, and they live with me. He has been paying me money every Friday towards the support of the children, but neither of us can afford a divorce. Is the divorce kit good for us? We do agree on issue regarding the children, and we do not have any assets together.
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Q. I would like to know if a divorced was filed and one hasn`t received the final judgement nor doesn`t have a clue where the other spouse is located or one who eventually moved to another country where he`s been residing for many years. What could one do in this situation? There were no children nor big properties together and the married lasted 5 months. Any information would surely be appreciated?
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