How to Create a Prenuptial Agreement

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How do you create a prenuptial agreement?

How to Create a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the mega-rich. Everyone who has assets entering a marriage should consider making a Prenuptial Agreement.

This agreement will legally set up how assets will be divided between partners should a divorce occur.

If you decide you want a Prenuptial Agreement, be upfront with your future spouse well in advance of the wedding day. Explain the whole concept of the prenup and why it's best for both of you.

A Prenuptial Agreement should detail all assets and debts at the time of the marriage. It should also stipulate who will need to pay debts accumulated during the marriage and how joint assets acquired during the marriage should be divided.

A Prenuptial Agreement may specifically outline who should get the house, how to split bank accounts, investments and other assets. The agreement may also include the particular amount of alimony or support that a spouse will receive at the time of divorce.

Instead of hiring an expensive attorney to draw up your Prenuptial Agreement, you can use the Prenuptial Agreement form on You simply sign up an account, answer a few questions and the document will be created automatically for you. You can then print and sign the document. You can work at your own speed in a comfortable place, rather than the charged environment of an attorney's office. Choosing this method will reduce stress and save a lot on legal fees.

Like all Rocket Lawyer legal forms, you do not need to pay until you have completed and reviewed your document and are completely satisfied.



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