How to Make a Living Will

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How do you make a living will?

How to Make a Living Will

A Living Will, sometimes known as an Advance Care Directive, is a legal document that makes your final wishes in life your decision. While a Complete Will or Last Will and Testament is written to explain what will happen to your possessions, a Living Will is written for medical purposes. For example, if you wish to not be put on life support when there is no hope for recovery, you can include that in your Living Will to ensure that your wishes are known.

In addition to your preference regarding artificial life support, another medical issue you can incorporate in your Living Will is your decision on organ donation. If you do not have a Living Will, your loved ones will have the unenviable task of determining your wishes. A Living Will can save your loved ones from making hard decisions and can make that difficult time in their life a little bit easier.

To make your own Living Will, specifically explain your wishes regarding your medical treatment in writing and sign and date each page of the document. Most state's also require that your document be signed by one or more witnesses and a notary.

Make several copies of your Living Will and notify your loved ones of its existence. provides very simple to customize Living Will forms for free. You can also share your Living Will on Rocket Lawyer by giving your loved ones access to your document online or sending them a copy by email.



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