Creating a Last Will

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Do I need a will?

Creating a Last Will

Though no one likes to think about death, everyone should create a will. A Last Will and Testament is a document stipulating the instructions as to how your property and other assets are to be distributed at the time of your death.

A valid Will must be in writing and can be handwritten, typed or printed. You must sign your will and also have at least two other witnesses sign.

It's important to protect your loved ones. In a Will, you should name a guardian for your children and their money. Keep in mind, you can change your Will throughout your lifetime as your circumstances change.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to put dollar amounts in your Will. Instead, you may choose to use percentages. Another misconception is that you must name an executor of your will. Though you don't need to, it may be good to know that if you decide to name an executor, that person will be responsible for making sure that the wishes outlined in your Last Will and Testament are carried out.

At, you can find several different Will forms. These forms take into account different types of circumstances, including if you are remarried or have children.



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